Bali is an island where fancient hindu kingdam “Majapahit Empire” has immigrated from Java in 1520. Bali is the only hindu-majority privince (83.5% of the population) in Indonesia. While Bali is known as one of the top beach resort in the world, their everyday life is very attached to their original beliefs of hindu & aminism mixture. To get a touch of Balinese culture, visiting temples is a good start.

Tirtha Empul

Tanah Lot


Tips to visit Temples

  • Entering fee per person differs with each temples.
  • Plese keep in mind that any type of bleeding is considered to be impure. Women on her period, or person with injury is not allowed to enter.
  • To enter temples, covering your upper and wearing sarong or scarf are considerd as good etiquettes.
  • Some people go up to the place where it’s not proper and try to take impressive photos. If the place is impurified, Balinese must make a ceremony for purification with the whole village people. So please follow instructions!

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